Long Division: my first chapbook

My first collection of poems, Long Division, will be published by Finishing Line Press. Pre-sales, which determine if the press prints the book and how many copies to include in their initial press run, begin today, April 25th, and go until June 23rd. Click here to order your copy today!

a line from ‘Family Gatherings,’ one of the poems in the collection*

*image graciously created by Dusty Rose O’Connor

Long Division is a short collection of images and memories from my childhood in Colorado captured in poem form. Its 21 poems orbit themes of longing, tension, grief and hope as they show up in a particular relationship: the one the I have with my younger sister versus the one I wish I had with her. I use stories I was told – the charm of a four-year-old’s pride in her baby sister, the sullen resentment of a teenager tasked with watching over the younger members of her family – as anchor points as I process my sadness and confusion over the state of things between me and my sister.

Seeing more and more of my friends develop friendships with their siblings as adults compelled me to deal with the grief of not having that for myself. The sorrow is deeper than the distance in miles between us now; the ‘built-in’ best friend her mother hoped for when she found out she was having another girl has not come to be. While I still hope, perhaps in vain, for a friendship with my sister – you can’t make lifelong friends once you’re an adult, after all – this collection has become more of about how we choose things to cling to in life and how to let go into more authentic identity and availability for what is.