Long Division: my first chapbook

Long Division is a poetry chapbook that ruminates on sororal estrangement and the volleys of growing up in a world (internal and external) very nearly on fire. I interrogated images and memories of my childhood in Colorado, trying to get them to tell me why my sister and I do not speak, why I do not have the ‘built-in best friend’ my mother was excited for when she found out she was having another girl. Click the cover to order your copy today!

Its 21 poems orbit themes of longing, tension, grief and hope as they show up in a particular relationship: the one the I have with my younger sister versus the one I wish I had with her. I use stories I was told – the charm of a four-year-old’s pride in her baby sister, the sullen resentment of a teenager tasked with watching over the younger members of her family – as anchor points as I process my sadness and confusion over the state of things between me and my sister.

Seeing more and more of my friends develop friendships with their siblings as adults compelled me to deal with the grief of not having that for myself. The sorrow is deeper than the distance in miles between us now; I hope my hope for a friendship with my sister – you can’t make lifelong friends once you’re an adult, after all – is not in vain.

Reading with poet Pimone Triplett at Elliott Bay Books in Seattle, February 2017