So many brilliant entrepreneurs with so much to offer the world struggle to connect their work with the people who need it. These business owners have life-changing courses, services and products to offer but they believe they don't know how to write, they feel intimidated by the process of writing or they feel inauthentic in their writing for their business. Thus, they either don't reach the people they yearn to reach or they remain in stuck mode when it comes to bringing their courses, books, or other work into the world.

Much of the blocks around writing come, I believe, from how terribly our education system teaches it in public schools. That is, we don't! Everyone has to take four years of English in high school, and while I was in Advanced Placement during my high school days and would have gotten an English degree had I not believed that "writing wasn't a real job" at the time, but that was because I ALREADY loved writing - I came into the world that way and woe to me if I don't write.

Yet, nowhere do students learn how to write. Case in point: remember the Thematic Essay? Not only is that sort of writing useful nowhere in adult life, it actually doesn't reflect how writers craft novels (ask me how I know). In fact, they are often traumatized when they submit essays that don't follow the rules or that color too far out of the lines. They are reprimanded for being themselves on the page if they can eke out room to do so at all (provided they know what their voice sounds like at all) and they are taught only to report on OTHERS' words and voices.

If I'm talking to you, I'd be beyond jazzed to help you. I'm not just a copy editor (though I do that, too) and my job isn't to tell you how to follow the rules (English is such a mongrel of a language that it breaks its own rules more than it follows them). I work with small business owners, entrepreneurs and people with a story to tell. If you want to hear and own your authentic voices so can create with integrity what the world needs from you in a way you want to give it, find flow on the page and connect your heart-centered business or story, let's connect to set up a free 45-minute consultation call to see if working together is an authentic fit for us both.