Gun Control

discriminationOur country’s gun laws are ridiculous. That, for example, civilians can rather easily get access to war weapons is unconscionable, even if it is covered under the 2nd Amendment (a dubious assertion; one that seems to miss the point: even if something is within your “rights” to do, are there not other, higher, standards by which to evaluate whether or not you should do it?).

But targeting people with so-called “mental illness” is absolutely not the way to fix them. I’ll be putting the phrase “mental illness” in quotes for the duration of the post, not because I question the suffering of those who experience mental and emotional distress but because the entire field of “mental illness” is an utter mess. Continue reading Gun Control

The Herald


Constant access to a screen

makes sure you don’t miss a thing: Continue reading The Herald

Pledging Allegiance

In my Paris post last week, I briefly mentioned a controversy over the pledge of allegiance not being included in the Veteran’s Day service hosted by Seattle Pacific University a week ago. The university chaplain cut the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as the presentation of the colors because “there is a diversity of views on campus” and SPU was the subject of national contention. The school’s chaplain has even received death threats. What I find interesting is that the controversy was over whether or not people should be allowed to say the pledge of allegiance, not, say, whether a Christian university has any business holding or hosting a Veteran’s Day Service at all. Continue reading Pledging Allegiance

“Pregnant and Homeless”

invisibleYesterday morning, I walked to the PCC near where I work to get a scone-type snack. As I approached the entrance, I saw a huddled lump of orange hoodie and yellow blanket. The lump kept slouching and then starting and trying to sit back up again, slouching and starting, slouching and starting. I thought it might be D, the youngish homeless guy I bought a turkey club for last week and was getting ready to say hi when I saw the disintegrating cardboard sign falling out of this poor, exhausted person’s lap: “I’m pregnant and homeless. Anything helps :D.” Continue reading “Pregnant and Homeless”