The Man In The Tree

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 A man who climbed to the top of a tree near 4th Avenue and Stewart talks to police negotiators who are trying to get him down.
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
A man who climbed to the top of a tree near 4th Avenue and Stewart talks to police negotiators who are trying to get him down.

A short version of this appeared in the Seattle Times as a letter to the editor today.

Cody Lee Miller, the man who climbed a giant sequoia tree in downtown Seattle on March 22nd, was formally indicted Monday, April 11th. As if Twitter wasn’t alive enough with ignorant mockery and cheap jokes at his expense during the 25-hour period he remained in the tree, the justice system once again revealed itself to be a farce. He appeared in shackles, at wrists and ankles, before a judge – his unruly hair and clear need of psychiatric care seemingly of no consequence – April 11th for his arraignment. The judge’s order mandated he stay away from the tree but that’s only relevant if he can make the $50,000 bail placed on him. Continue reading The Man In The Tree

The Herald


Constant access to a screen

makes sure you don’t miss a thing: Continue reading The Herald


Beirut, 11/13/15

What happened in France is ​unbearably ​terrible. I had a protracted – and very public – PTSD episode where I was when I heard about the human-on-human brutality this afternoon. And also.​ The same thing happens every day in the Middle East with US bombs and killer drones (the US has military in over 140 nations; it​’​s only going to get worse​).​ Why, for example,​ no outrage over the bombing in Lebanon​ (did you even hear about it until just now)​? Why no outpouring of grief, and sympathy and support for the 43 killed, and the 200 or so wounded in THAT bombing?​ Where is the grief, #prayers and #standingwith the 111 Palestinians – most of them youth/kids/teens/young adults​ shot and injured in the West Bank and Gaza today? Continue reading Paris

How to Be a Good Friend

magnifying glassI got this blog topic request from a heartbreakingly sweet friend and old housemate: discuss what means to be a good friend. I am so grateful for this question, which is why it took a while to clarify my thoughts here because I don’t want to participate in what is essentially a never-ending slush pile of catchy “top ten” lists or patronizing “expert” talk, some of it fecund but most of it recycled and done up in a distractingly gauche or simplistic way. There’s a lot being said about friendship all the time and I didn’t just want to auto-pilot-ly accept it as true or obvious and then regurgitate it in my own words. You’ll hopefully see why in a minute. Continue reading How to Be a Good Friend

Can Social Media Be Useful?

wiresThe topic request I received four days ago asks a pretty simple question – “Do you think there is a time and a place for connection through social media? Do you think there is a way it can be meaningful?” – yet I’ve really been struggling with it. On the one hand, I don’t want to rant. It’s a fair question and it deserves a fair answer. On the other hand, my personal experiences are clouding any objectivity I might otherwise have (isn’t that the way of it, though). So maybe that’s a good place to start.

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