Beirut, 11/13/15

What happened in France is ​unbearably ​terrible. I had a protracted – and very public – PTSD episode where I was when I heard about the human-on-human brutality this afternoon. And also.​ The same thing happens every day in the Middle East with US bombs and killer drones (the US has military in over 140 nations; it​’​s only going to get worse​).​ Why, for example,​ no outrage over the bombing in Lebanon​ (did you even hear about it until just now)​? Why no outpouring of grief, and sympathy and support for the 43 killed, and the 200 or so wounded in THAT bombing?​ Where is the grief, #prayers and #standingwith the 111 Palestinians – most of them youth/kids/teens/young adults​ shot and injured in the West Bank and Gaza today? Continue reading Paris

Can Social Media Be Useful?

wiresThe topic request I received four days ago asks a pretty simple question – “Do you think there is a time and a place for connection through social media? Do you think there is a way it can be meaningful?” – yet I’ve really been struggling with it. On the one hand, I don’t want to rant. It’s a fair question and it deserves a fair answer. On the other hand, my personal experiences are clouding any objectivity I might otherwise have (isn’t that the way of it, though). So maybe that’s a good place to start.

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