An Introduction

studycatI started a new job yesterday so this is going to be a bit crisper than usual. Hopefully, I can figure out proper energy allocation soonly.

It’s been acute for seven months and sustained for nearly three decades, but this flail’s now finally got a direction (I think). As I’ve been saying, I’m fairly sure that one aspect of my apparently welter-y calling is something in the amoeboid field of mental health.  So allow me to point you to the new ‘page’ on my blog where I’ve been and will continue to be compiling interesting stuff accordingly. Checking it out somewhat regularly will keep you up to date if you’re so inclined. It will also help you get to know me a bit more, and my sharpening though still somewhat unclear angle on all this (I never was very good at geometry…). Anyway, check out the “Resources and Reading” tab above in the menu and do please, like, ask the questions and things. I make time for people. 🙂

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Anxiety Potatoes

March 24, 2015