We Don’t Have To Calm Down

no-evilThere is a time to be peaceful, a time to let go of arguments and agree to disagree. This is not one of those times. Those of us who care about justice, equality and love more than power, vengeance, winning and getting ahead not only have a right to be outraged; we have a duty to be outraged. Those of us who are Christians not only have a right to be disgusted by claims that God appointed Donald Trump, we have a duty to speak out against such unbiblical falsities. It is not only the right of those of us who have been made much more vulnerable by this election, it is entirely appropriate. 

Most of the conversations I’ve tried to have with Trump supporters go nowhere – it doesn’t appear to be about reason or facts at all but I can’t be silent about some of the crazy-making and completely not-okay claims I see and hear being made:

A white man calls Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama c*nts and whiny bitches in line at a grocery store; everyone looks down until another white man speaks out against such hate; the first white man says, “calm down, I wasn’t calling *you* names.” Has the lure of individualism really sunk that far that people actually expect others to only be bothered when they are personally affected my something? We really don’t know how to take care of each other anymore. How can we fix this, friends?

A white male pastor (I thought evangelical Christians “shouldn’t get involved in politics”?) of a very large church says, “Not accepting the results of an election is undemocratic.” Actually, that would only maybe be true if the results of the election were achieved democratically. As in, without cheating (read: voter suppression and years of sexism if not actual manipulation of numbers in this particular count) or interference from a foreign power. But, technically, since democracy means “rule by the people,”* not accepting that Trump won democratically won be the democratic thing to do since, of the people who voted (which is about half of the eligible population), he lost the popular vote by the widest margin in 140 years (which he claims was all because of the people who “voted illegally” for Clinton). So is this what this country’s about? The inability to lose? Cheating to get ahead? Winning at all costs? This is beyond embarrassing.

*Side note: actually, since democracy is “rule by the people,” it is perfectly okay – and protected under the Constitution – for people to protest rulers who do not represent them. “Just accept it” sounds a lot like what the King of England said to the subjects he was abusing and neglecting oh so long ago.

White Christians claiming that they must fight for “the victories attained in prayer.” I don’t even know where to begin on this one. Are we reading the same Bible? Mine indicates that God resisted giving Israel a king when they clamored for one to be like all the other nations and when God finally relented and granted the nation a king, it was a disaster. Yes, we are to pray for our government – and wanting Trump to fail is suicidal anyway since he is flying the plane we are all on. Pray FOR. Not pray IN. God did not appoint Donald Trump just because you prayed He would (I know many Christians who prayed for another result) but even if God did,** Christians, Jesus is King. Jesus is Lord. I can’t begin to describe the heartache I feel when fellow believers choose to use their energy to “fight” for dangerous and destructive political leaders rather than the people these leaders may be against but Jesus and Scripture explicitly and repeatedly call anyone who loves Him to be for: the poor, the orphan, the widow, the stranger.

**Side note: Please, have mercy, and stop saying God is in control. Not only is that arrogant, it’s deeply inaccurate. Scripture is pretty clear that “the whole world is under the control of the evil one” (1 John 5:19 – this is New Testament, so after Christ); satan is “the prince of this world” (John 12:31 – again, New Testament/after Christ).

On top of all the other obvious and odious things about Trump we can and should resist, we should not accept doublespeak. We should not accept bullying. We should not accept corruption. Trump supporters who claim we all need to just “come together” now, it’s on you to fix the damage he has already done. Standing up for justice is not divisive, it’s necessary. Outrage is a healthy and necessary human emotion; it’s passivity, apathy, deception and shouting “peace, peace, when there is no peace” that’s the real problem now.

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