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In Spanish, the word for book is only one letter different from the word for free.

I currently write for:

Mad in America

Seattle’s street newspaper Real Change

The Seattle Star

Women in Theology (starting Sept. 2018)

and am at work on a novel, a Spanish-language poetry chapbook and two full-length poetry volumes, as well as short stories when avoiding work on the novel. Here’s a good place to keep up with my work.

I’ve been a saxophone player and registered scuba diver for over half my life. I am an advocate for those experiencing mental and emotional distress (more on my Resources and Reading page). I’m a social worker at a crisis center in the city that is ground zero of this country’s housing crisis. Living in Seattle at this time is probably like what it was like to live in a city experiencing a gold rush – unpleasant, to understate things. I haven’t yet figured out how to put the pangs of nostalgia looking out over Puget Sound at the Olympics give me. I miss the Seattle I moved to in 2006 from Colorado almost as much as I miss sun in December or snow in July.

I’m a bit of a hedgehog when it comes to new relationships but, as a friend said, “Just because it’s difficult to hug a hedgehog doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.” So drop me a line, if you care to, tell me a story, ask me a question (I prefer “where’s the edge?” to “how’s your day?”) and we’ll go from there.

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